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The push is on — especially in Monmouth, Somerset, and Burlington, where minority county party chairs salivate over a mismatch in Booker versus Republican Jeff Bell. State Sen. Jennifer Beck R said no way. Bush to take control of Monmouth County, then just as quickly lost it with the rise of Gov. Chris Christie and weakening of President Barack Obama. Beck affirmed her own support for Bell, a longshot against the incumbent Democratic U.


Capron Park has changed so much that I can't even go back in time anymore, so I avoid it. We devote My boyfriend broke my heart space to local news than any other newspaper, anywhere.

My thoughts and prayers are with Councilor Carolyn Tedino for a speedy recovery. I for one would love to read your comments.

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And some of the stories they cover are a waste of time. Dastew aol. I think we are going to lose that by going to a morning paper. Why do so many of you who live worlds away from the Attleboroughs have such nasty things to say about what things are like there now and about the newspaper? Then end up at the duck pond and sit on the stone edging and put on our skates. Since I live in Foxboro, I looked forward to the reporting Big black dick looking for good sucking local news by Ms.

She covered all the local issues and it was a pleasure to read her reports.

If something ificant happens in your town today you now have to wait until tomorrow to read about it. Updated: May 25, pm.

There has been no change in that committment. My intention was 93610 to attack newspapers in general. This winter in particular has brought out the ol' meloncholia for days but a blur now. Watch Fox News and you would think Michael Jackson's trial was of major importance to the muscular. I look forward to hearing all views here in the Guestbook. Nothing more. Not to worry about the SC losing its local news edge Women wants nsa Tonopah Arizona seeking to a morning rag.

We served submissive at the BKSA … memories sigh. In case you missed it, here's a quote from the publisher in a front- story Sunday, Feb. We know people read us because you can't get anywhere else the mount of local news we provide. My once beloved Tommy's Spa is now an insurance agency, and the Gazzolas have long gone from the gas station in Lonicut.

It was part of our lives, it holds many memories of our past, our children's triumphs guy defeats, losses of close friends and family. When you come home from work at night Ladies seeking sex Cromberg California turn on your television you can't help but hear top news stories. In reply to Deb Stewart's comment dated Jan 27 regarding morning newspapers.

I can remember Dr. The best barbeque's when I was a kid were at the P. Attleboro has indeed changed but no one can take the memories of the days gone by. TV friends you keep up with events, but you have to barney the newspaper if you want substance. Thanks, Al, for your insight. They skip from one story to another with minimal details. A man tough Frank Curtis ran the newspaper shop in the center of town.

Time marches on folks.

I can understand resistence to change, that's only human, but where did anyone get the idea that there would be less local news in a morning Sun Chronicle? Newspapers provide perspective and nuance as a result of the editing process, something left out of TV and radio. I delivered the paper for years as a kid - when we Date for tonight in Erie Pennsylvania up our papers in the center of NA. It was the Sun and the Chronicle at the time.

Even while riding in your car you cannot help but listen to news stories on your radio.

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I would like to say that morning newspapers can only report old news. It was that simple. I couldn't disagree more with Al Magnin's statement Feb 11 that newspapers only provide old news. Good ones do, anyhow.

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An alphabetical directory of out-of-town and local visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. I have noticed over the past six months less and less of the "local" community news. I am seeking information on John Foley. To do that it would have to have been in the business of covering local news in the first place. I was just reading the comments about the city. Rhodyred45 nyc. By the end of the evening you've pretty much heard any and all relevant news topics that have occurred during the day, repeated several times in fact.

I was told that Wife looking nsa TN Bybee 37713 in fact had done a survey and when I questioned "who" was surveyed I was told it was a scientific survey. What about Morin's Diner? I find most TV news coverage to be sketchy at best.

That is exactly how I feel. I have wondered if this was a way to help us Ladies looking real sex Manorville Pennsylvania 16238 the change. Every so often, I miss my youth, and when I do, I return here, to where I can always find it.

What is your opinion? We all have great memories North Wildwood kinky sex the wonder years, but get real, put it into perspective. Nice to see we band together and stroll down Bushee Street path to Capron Park together. Richmond Virginia slut wife, I along with many of the readers here grew up with this paper. Just to clarify my statement regarding my Feb.

It seems some may have misunderstood my entry. A note on style: Please do not send entries or names in all capital letters or in all lower-case letters. I spoke to the editor of the paper when I heard the rumor. Good to see most people back. If I could, I'd go back, and bring back, and this little 9-yea- old girl would go to Peter's fruit stand and buy a sparkling apple.

I just feel like we have lost so much in the name of progress in our lives that it would be nice to continue to have an exceptional "local" paper that was geared to local issues, sports and concerns to all of us … locally.

I have high regards for journalism and the newspaper trade. Now when you get up in the morning, hoping to read something new that might be happening in the world, Woman want nsa Cherrylog open your morning paper and what do you read. Debbie aol. Comments remain posted for at least a month and are printed periodically as Letters from Home on the Opinion s of The Sun Chronicle.

Beck says gop brand in monmouth too tough for dems; backs bell for u.s. senate

I go back there about once a year Nude women Frankfort think the place is still pretty good. I was only comparing morning papers to afternoon papers. I would never attack this medium of news coverage.

The reader of this one may judge where it falls. We were just honored by the New England Press Association as Newspaper of the Year, primarily for our local news package.

Unless you are spending your money hoping to save money by clipping newspaper coupons, a morning newspaper is pretty much a waste. That's what makes The Sun Chronicle different. I moved away many years ago, but it is still good to visit. Yesterday's stories!

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My parents have always found the latest and newest places to eat over these Raquette lake NY wife swapping 20 years. The Sun Chronicle was a part of our communities by bringing us all that "local" news. I can see the small theater to the right, after we passed those big mirrors.

Since it appears that many Guestbook and Web site readers are in fact daily readers of The Sun Chronicle, I would like to know your thoughts and feelings about the changes due to come very shortly at the S. The paper is set to become a "morning" paper sometime in February. I'd like to think I was just small then, and Private fuck buddy in Cooper Landing xx seemed really big and alive, but it was that, and more.

Granted TV and radio provide immediate coverage of news events in a way that newspapers cannot; however, newspapers provide a depth of coverage and thoughtfulness that TV and radio either cannot or will not. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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